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the kids of tomorrow don't need today when they live in the sins of yesterday

25 May
i fly. probably should clarify: i fly a wing (a paraglider). i'm a freek (note the spelling) and an adrenaline junkie. i think flying is fun. so are all the crazy things in my interests section below. i love everything that is not done in enclosed spaces. which translates into: i like outdoors, nature, adventure, travel.

i even have a travel journal, which you can find here.

music is like air to me: i have to have it, or i'll choke. same with reading and writing: whenever i find a minute, that's what i'll do. i won't leave the house without a book and a scrap of paper - you never know what hits you. i'm always up for new experiences, because to me that's what life is about: going out and being challenged.

i think it's important to leave the world a bit better than you found it when you came here. i believe everybody matters, everybody can speak up and cry out and not accept things as they are, everybody can make a difference. in my opinion, shutting up and looking away is the worst thing to do.

still: the best thing? is that i have friends and family who share all of this with me. that's good, because otherwise, it'd be all for nothing.

A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language. (W.H. Auden)

so let me get this straight (kind of):


[(crazy+stubborn)/curious]-(stupid+ignorant)+[(freak/into suicidal pastimes)^2]x(queer+cool)+(-boring+adrenaline junkie)=me

love=:{x I x € feeling subject to individual definition; x € IN}


if you're wondering what the hell my point is: just do the math.